Pakar Cantik: August 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

just so you know...

Just So You Know
by Jesse McCartney

I shouldn't love you but I want to
I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you but I can't move
I can't look away

(Repeat ^)
And I don't know how to be fine when I'm not
'cause I don't know how to make a feeling stop

Just so you know
This feeling's taking control of me
And I can't help it
I won't sit around; I can't let him win now
Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go of you
But I don't want to
I just gotta say it all
Before I go
Just so you know

It's getting hard to be around you
There's so much I can't say
Do you want me to hide the feelings
And look the other way

And I don't know how to be fine when I'm not
'cause I don't know how to make a feeling stop

This emptiness is killing me
And I'm wondering why I've waited so long
Looking back I realize
It was always there just never spoken
I'm waiting here...Been waiting here

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

waiting for abah's call

abah promised to give me a call once everything's settled and he'll confirm with me the exact date he's coming.. but till now there's no ringing on my handphone. only messages from my bro, begging for topup. sori la bro, wrong timing.. arituh mase org nk bg byk songeh la plak. padan muke! wait till tomorrow yea, i promise to buy you one n don't forget to pay me back once we're home. hoyeah~ weekend's approaching..

abah, bile nk dtg ni.. tertunggu-tunggu taw.. actually, i'm not that excited waiting for abah because i miss home much3 more. it doesn't mean i don't miss abah ok. i miss him os cof. a lot! abah's coming with somethg i've been waiting for ages, a new boyfriend. hoyeah~ i love boyfrensssssssss. flirt n flirt n lotsssssof flirtsss to come. sejak bile aku jd playgirl ni..?haih~~
mungkin everything's not settled yet. puspakom ni bwat keje ke x?? kang abah dtg sini aku dh tercongok kt umah.. cane tuh?? pape jelah~ let time decide..
baru rase bole bernafas effectively. bebanan kt bahu dan otak dah maken berkurang.. sume esemens dh settled, online quiz probstat yg digeruni juge dh slamat disubmit. tinggal tests jek yg bakal berlangsung this coming wed n thursday.. hope everything's gonne be fine.
takdir membawaku ke UTP dgn seribu macam mcm2. dan aku redha dgn semua mcm2 itu. dan aku bersyukur setiap apa yg aku lakukan slalu dipermudahkan. Mungkinkah aku manusia yg plg bertuah pd abad ini? if so, Alhamdulillah.. if not, still, i should be grateful n i'm telling u, I AM!
perasaan ini sering mendera hatiku. it hurts but sometimes it makes me happy & to be frank, i love it. itu juga takdir kukira.. satu anugerah mungkin. oh i'm writing about this! this thing i don't wanna talk about most. fullstop then.
sorri to disappoint you. hohoho.. oh yes. b4 i forget.. i love these songs: because you live, beautiful soul, take your sweet time, just so you know n leavin. all by jesse mccartney. and another 1, i'm yours by jason mraz. hmm.. the lyrics n melody do attract my ears to keep listening to these songs. only them in my playlist and it keep repeating until i turn off my laptop. teraobsess perhaps. haha. oh, no pic for this rojak entry. hoho.
nite2 my dearies.. see u again tomorrow, n let's live another enjoyful day together, hopefully.. i love u all. i can't afford to lose anyone of you. muaxxx3 from me~ ;x
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

didn't i tell you

didn't i tell you how much i love you..?

oh ye, i never told. becoz i prefer to leave things unsaid but i'm sure u know very well the way i feel. rite? os cof la kan, u know me better than anyone else.. because you live, i live..
this song is specially dedicated for you. both of you. i miss u sooooo much i wanna go home rite now.

i wonder how come 2 strangers can survive living together for the rest of their lives.. n i'll pray that it last forever... happily ever after

Because you live
by Jesse Mccartney

staring out at the rain with a heavy heart
its the end of the world in my mind
then your voice pulls me back
like a wake-up call

ive been looking for the answer
i couldnt see that it was right there
But now i know, what i didnt know

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself
when nobody else can help
because you live girl
my world....
has twice as many stars in the sky

it's all right. i survived. i'm alive again
' cause of you, made it throughevery storm
what is life? whats the use?
if you're killing time

i'm so glad i found an angel
who was there when all my hopes fell
i wanna fly looking your eyes

repeat chorus
because you live... i live
because you live, there's a reason why
i carry on when i lose the fight
i want to give what you've given me

repeat chorus
Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself
when nobody else can help
because you live girl
my world....
has everything i need to survive
because you live... i live
i live
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Tribute (part ii)

This is about the other babe i have.. as i promised b4, this entry is specially posted for you, miss syazanaaaaaaaa (up to infiniti). hehs. i know it's from u, ok.. yeap, lagu aizat itu sungguh best ;)

inilah miss bedazzled mase v3 dinner~ u deserve it!

comel n cun [kate caption yg ditulis syazana. winkssss]

i like this pic. so sweet kan.. ;)

pride and proud [begitulah captionnye kt frenster - cilok gamba]

pinjam sat ye.. hehe.

aweks cunnn in action.. hoyeah~~

Nk tulih ape ye? hmm.. awek cun ni la yg ajar aku maen squash smpai addicted. byk benda yg die introduce kt aku yg buatkan aku jd addicted. lelaguan spt tattoo by jordin sparks, leavin by jesse mccartney, drops of jupiter by train, bla, bla... series/muvies spt my girl, ape lg ye?? lupe la.. sbb jrg layan muvi. hehe.

we love nite walk. syok gellls nite walk. sejuk, tenang n nyaman. bile nite walk ni ape lg, gossiping la.. kire bintang.. chatting all nite.. bile lg ye? soooo bz lately. huk3.

i have lotssss to share here but i've sooooo many things to do. writing this takes me few days, approaching a week if i not mistaken. see how bzzzzzz i am. well3~ engineer to be, cam ni lerrr.. kene jadi tukang tilik, evaluate probability of fatalities+injuries+bla bla.. ade gak subjek utk jd tukang tilik, canggih sungguh! lab repotssss lg.. esemens n tests.. hoyeah~~

p/s: u should be proud, this is my 50th entry n i'm writing about us. hehe ;)

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Friday, August 15, 2008


Should i menyumpah seranah or say something bad that i've never let it come out of my lips?

oh yes. not my type. i prefer to keep silent and watch. the worst word was chapter 1 but that was ages before i know how to behave politely. when i was a small kid n easily influenced by surroundings. yeap, budak2 kampung used to say that word, very very frequently. it seems like tak sah in every conversation w/out that ugly word. but pink looks nice. ok2. depends on what looks nice with pink. har har har. even now, ramai jek yg suke sebut bab 1, os cof excluding this sweet little amizah. winkssss ;)

Life like this. n i don't like this kind of situation i'm facing rite now. it's complicated i'd say. huwarghhhh! help me oh my god. i hate to see her. yeap, i reali do. i can't stand pretending any second. i'm not good at that. i'm not talented to replace angelina jolie, nor fasha sandha jugak bkn aisyuwariya rai (cane ntah eja.. lupe plak). it's written all over my face n i can't help it.

I wish i can turn back time, to somewhere i used to be. in school when we're busy filling up forms for entering universities. it still fresh in my head. between UTM Skudai n UTP, i chose this femes UTP even i know nothing what to do with my future. only prayers, hoping for the best was all i can do. i have no idea about what engineering is. berani mati pilih engineering yg skang is my kesukaan. alhamdulillah, HE listened to my prayers n do tentukan the best for me. yeap, this is the best for me but that little something intrudes my mood. x pasal2 timbulkan kemarahan.

that little something = a fren from school who's together with me taking chemical engineering in this lovely UTP for 5 years, and another 2 years left to face her irritating face. sounds so cruel but that's what happen. i can't help myself. o plis help me! did i wish i wasn't here or i'm here w/out her. yea, i know, i'm becoming so jahat and mean. extremely mean i'd say. yes or no, i have to bear for another 2 years! plis be strong sweet little amizah~!

So many things happen and i can hardly forget. sape yg cari pasal dulu?? ko atau aku? selagi aku bole saba, aku try saba. tp skang dh smpai limit. sket lg nk cecah infiniti. ok, i forgave u but the memories remain. aku try utk lupekan segala-galanya. kdg2 aku hrp aku ilang ingatan, some parts yg aku nk lupe la.. ilang terus kang nanye plak parents aku. huk3. aku x tipu, aku harap some of the unwanted memories tuh disappeared, permanently! so that we can be like before, back in PC when we're so close together. i reali do! but what happens now is beyond my control. i can't help it. i just can't! kerana sekarang =! dulu-dulu.

another confusing entry bg sesape yg x taw cite sebena. tp xpe, keep reading my post kerana ia bkn utk difahami, hanya utk dibaca. bg yg faham, thanks for always be there. i luv u girlsss. gegurl syg korang! muaxxx ;x i can be a good fren, best perhaps depending on the fren. becoz frenship is a two-way relationship. everyone knows that. kan3~

maen squasy pon x ilang lg skt ati ni.. menambahkan ade la.. adusss. nk balik~ abah, cpt la dtg~~
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It's 3:49 am in the peace silent Friday morning. Alone. Coz everyone's dreaming on their bed rite now and i can't help myself, gracefully typing on the silver keyboard. Listening to Someone's watching over me by Hillary Duff [to the melody only coz i know nothing what she's babling about. Har har har.. my rumet n cik keping sdg tido, dgr dgn sgt perlahan ni, takot mereka terjaga.. as aku x suke tidoku diganggu, aku jua x mahu mengganggu tido mereka ;)]

Cik keping merempat di bilik aku sbb ditinggalkan cik Qeng. Har har har (lagi~) buat cik keping. Agak nyenyak kelihatan ketidoran cik Keping. Tergoda gak beta nk tido, tp cam xleh tido jek.. sbb td dh tido kul 8-11.30 pm. Sbb?? Nk wat esemen Probstat kt WileyPLUS. Betapa tinggi kesanggupan aku tido awal semata-mata nk bgn tgh2 malam semata-mata WileyPLUS.

Apakah WileyPLUS? Ntah.. yg aku taw it's something like ape ye? ssh la nk explain.. yg aku taw kalo wat esemen kt sini, it'll automatically be graded. So senang la lecturer xyah mark our esemens. Tp kami agak terseksa menghadapi WileyPLUS ni.. Internet connection kt UTP ni mengalahkan siput tutt.. so cane nk wat esemen dgn efective. Asek2 menyumpah seranah jek. Tak berkat lg ade gitu.. tp aku xdela menyumpah seranah, setakat geram kuasa 12 jek. Terageram! haha. Mase aku bt td ok la, gune wireless. Agak laju n sempat siapkan dgn markah 5/10. OK la tuh drpd xdpt pape.. lgpon, kwn2 beta yg wat ptg td agak tensi ngan tenet yg cam dot dot dot tuh.. kesian diorang dpt sket jek sbb tenet yg tuttt..

Disadvantages of using WileyPLUS:
1- kene deal ngan tenet. dh ler tenet UTP cam siput tuttt.. kalo mengalahkan kelajuan cahaya orait la jgk.. bermacam2 status kwn2 aku kt gtalk menyumpah seranah either WileyPLUS or tenet. kan dh kurang berkat kt situ..
2- soklan setiap insan berbeda. ssh ler nk discuss.. bkn copy ok! ni esemen jek, bkn test, bkn jgk exam.. standard arr tuh nk discuss bersama kawan2 tercinta~
3- timed assignment. bg mase 2 jam nk siapkan 5 soklan. ok la, soklan xdela ssh sgt tp bile consider blk ngan tenet yg tutt tuh, terageram la jdnye..

Advantages utk lecturer je la kot, xyah mark esemen. Utk aku n kawan2, aku xnmpk lg sbb asek terageram plus teratensi jek bile wat WileyPLUS ni.. Sungguh x efektif WileyPLUS ni.. si Piah siap nangis lg td sbb terageram&teratensi. Rase2nye lecturers kn stop gunekan WileyPLUS la.. rata2 my fren said, mereka rela bt traditional punye esemen, tulis tangan drpd kn deal ngan WileyPLUS ni. Dh la ramai2 pakat duk serang WileyPLUS nk wat esemen, mane x slow..

Enough pasal WileyPLUS. Sungguh busy lately. Terabusy! Setiap hari adalah hari yg pack n os cof memenatkan.. x sabar nk tunggu pg yg cerah sbb friday ade 3 klas jek.. after last klas kul 11-12 tuh bolelah pengsankan diri..(walhal mmg tiap2 mlm pengsan pon~) ;) Can't wait to go home. Sbb: Nk hand on tudungs yg aku beli utk my mom n my little sis. Tudungs raye, beli dari ibah. Plus, i miss mom's cook sgt2. Bosan weh asek mkn kt cafe.. aku rase dh gemok dh skang.. asek mkn nasik je, dh la penuh pinggan.. oily plak tuh. ajinomoto pon byk.. dahaga gilerr lepas mkn.. Bole nmpak pipi sendiri bile mata pandang bawah. Adess. Nk diet pon malas. Tak suke la skip meals ni.. i love eating! haha.

Home sweet home~ wait for me deariessss ;)
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nyanyi jom~

I'm looking for some lyrics for our kara-ok





Seribu Tahun

by Imran Ajmain

Rela ku menunggu mu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benar kah hidup ku kan selama ini
Biar berputar utara selatan
Ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Rela ku mengejar mu seribu batu jauh lagi
Tapi benar kah kaki ku kan tahan sepanjang jalan ini
Biar membisu burung bersiulan
Tenang lah gelombang lautan
Ku masih setia

Ada kah engkau yakin ini cinta
Ada kah engkau pasti ini tuk selama lama nya
Rela ku menunggu mu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benar kah hidup ku kan selama ini
Biar berputar utara selatan
Ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Lirik lagu ni best. Realistik. Setiap kali dengar/baca ayat 'Biarpun seribu tahun lagi akan kutunggu...' dari mana2 dialog or novel, naek menyampah gak ati aku ni.. yela, bajet umur panjang jek nk tunggu smpai seribu tahun.. 'Walaupun hidup seribu tahun, kalau x sembahyang apa gunanya...' ;P

Baguslah kalo setia. Nk tunggu pon tunggu lah.. jgn putus harapan; tapi sampai ke seribu tahun?? Hihi

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Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is US
Hmm.. i don't have much to say but since the internet connection is superb this beautiful morning, i come out with an unintended entry. *wink wink*

Let's do some picture-story-telling

From left: eQin, feZzi, mizAh, aiMi and waNie.. sori ye wanie, sekerat jek.. tp xpe, maintain comel ;) Botol sos tomato plak yg eksen lebeh kt dpn tuh.. :P

Me and aiMi zEti.. Iklan colgate ek?? ;)

Me and keping a.k.a feZzi.. ni iklan darli plak ;)

Me and piQin, time lecture

Me and waNie mase MAKK dinner

Us, the 3 cun housemates.. aiMi n waNie jgn jeles ye ;)

Again, the 3 of us.. in sengal mode ;)

Gambar ni ber3 sebenanye, crop gamba keping.. hik3

All in One, this is us.. forever friends babes~ sweet kan, kt gtlk ade 5 gambar yg same ngan status yg berbeza-beza tp membawa maksud sama..

Love u all babes~ Syazana, next entry about us plak ok. don't be sad ;)

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm missing him

days and nights

I wanna be with him

at dis very moment

I wanna hug him

and kiss his comel cheek

sooooo comel he is


This pic is taken when my brother Helmie bought a new handphone, N73.. Bajet testing arr ni ;)

Yg ni plak bile aku skodeng die maen buai tuh.. aku kt dalam umah amek gamba die di sebalik langsir sliding door

Gamba ni plak bile balik dr kenduri kawen sedara kt terengganu.. Tgk muke die tuh, siap ade glitter lg

Ni kat dalam kete, otw nk g mane ntah.. Masing2 tunjuk bakat gulung lidah, kecuali aku!!

Yg ni sedang tunggu abah aku kt tempat keje die.. otw nk g somewhere gak ni..

see, pandai die wat muke comel. hihi ;)

Yg ni kat umah.. bajet geniuss arr tuh pakai spek

Yg ni sdg tunggu abah aku.. bajet ade lesen arr tuh duk kt seat driver :P

Yg ni kt tempat perhimpunan family, kt laman umah.. peace bebeh~

Pizza time~

Yg ni kt terengganu, anta Helmie keje kt sane after SPM. Dh bosan wat peace kot, tmbah lg 1 jari ;)

Yg ni kt umah.. mase tuh umur die baru nk masuk 2 tahun. eksen je lebeh pakai spek itam!

Dis is when the first day he masuk tadika.. aku la yg menghantarnye ke tadika.. peace bebeh~

Banyak lg gambars budak kecik ni tp belom transfer masuk laptop lagi sbb kabel nset aku tuh tertinggal kt umah.. Umur die genap 6 tahun dis coming 26th Sept (kot.. lupe besday die. tp aku taw la die lahir somewhere in Sept.. sori Aje~ huhu). Name dlm surat beranak: Muhammad Azizan bin Azid. Aku suke name die sbb cam best jek bile sebut 'Azizan Azid', mcm name aku la, Amizah Azid. Tp kami panggil die mat aje or simply mat je or simplest version, 'je'.. sebut betul2, bukan 'je' yg jer tuh.. sebutan e tuh cam 'etak'.

Die ni adik bongsu kesayangan aku.. perangai die plik sket, laen dari yg laen. Kenakalan tahap maksima, x larat nk layan.. kdg2 naek fedup gak.. bile fedup tuh aku wat x layan jek.. mase kecik2 dulu xdela nakal cenggini, maken besar maken menjadik! Kalo die tgk aku kemas umah, x sampai 5 minit lepas tuh, die akan kuarkan pelbagai mainan die, maen ngan senang hati.. saje jek, xleh tgk umah kemas sket.. aku ni, penat2 mengemas langsung x dihiraukan.. mau jek aku kejar die tp xde gunenye.. bak kate mak aku "ngan budak pon nk berkire..~" T____T

One thing for sure, i love him soooo much. Time bosan kt umah syok gak melayan budak ni.. ajar die membaca. Sungguh comel keletahnya mengeja.. u can never imagine it! Best ade adik kecik ni.. sesape yg xde adik kecik or die tuh anak tunggal or anak bongsu, u should experience it. Cilok la memana budak kecik seminggu, then layan la budak tuh. Mcm2 keletah comel mereka akan korang saksikan and i bet u'll never regret it!

Tak saba nk balik umah, nk cium die~ Die suke belikan something utk abg atas die, Iwe.. kalo pegi mane2 Iwe xde, mesti die akan bwk blk something yg ma or abah aku blikan utk die.. kirenye, beli 2 terus la.. kalo baju pon mesti nk same ngan Iwe.. masalah gak tuh, Iwe tuh kulit gelap sket, Aje kulit cerah.. susah nk carik baju yg match ngan mereka ber2. Arituh Aje belikan rantai utk ma aku. Bukan belikan sbenarnye.. die beli snek ape ntah (rm0.20) pastuh mcm ade adiah la kt dlm snek tuh. adiah rantai 'emas'. then die bagi mak aku, suh mak aku pakai. Tak pasal2 leher mak aku merah2, gara2 rantai 'emas' itu. mak aku plak kene pujuk die, kate rantai tuh x muat.. kalo x nanges plak budak tuh..

dialog mereka ber2:

Ma: Aje, rantai ni pendek sgt la.. ma xleh pakai. Nnt bile Aje besar, belikan rantai yg lg panjang ye..

Aje: Tak muat ke ma? Okeh, nnt bile besar Aje blikan yg lagi besar n cantik..

Intro suspen jek.. HIM, cam utk ehem2 plak.. haha
Aku xde ehem2 la; single is the best status to announce.. ngeh3

Ok then, see u on the next entry

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let's sing a song~

I'm head over heels happy tonite

I called abah just now..
Talking to him then to ma

I'm so excited about THAT thing we've discussed
I just can't wait to get home

I know they love me
And for sure I love them too


Only HE knows how glad I am
to have them by my side

Ma, Abah..
I love you so much no one can even replace your place in 'here'
I promise, I'll try my VERY BEST
And NEVER ever disappoint you guys

You're GREAT!
The BEST amongst all I've ever had

And please,
DON'T ever leave me
Whenever I'm NOT ready for that
And I'm pretty sure
I'll NEVER ready for that

I want you FOREVER
The BOTH of you!

Because you're the beginning of what I'm today

p/s: This is not a song. Let's sing a song~ is just a symbolic meaning of happiness. Next entry kite kara-ok.. arasso?? ;)
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another one!

Another fantastic week i enjoyed..

Kelas spt biasa pd isnin dan selasa. Selasa ade satu klas jek, tu pon stat pkul 4 - gile heaven ari selasaku.. Rabu pegi ke MRSM Muar.

Buat ape ke MRSM Muar??

Ni spesel kes ni.. insan2 terpilih jek yg pegi MRSM Muar. Jgn jeles~

Sbenanye gini.. kami dak2 cheme jan06 suppose to have a plant visit aka field trip ke 3 kilang di 3 negeri - pasir gudang, Johor; gebeng, Pahang and kerteh, Terengganu. Tp memandangkan pelbagai halangan timbul di saat-saat akhir, field trip itu terpaksa dibatalkan. Maka bersedihlah bdk2 Cheme jan06 sbb xleh cuti2 M'sia.

And how come to MRSM Muar?


Epit yg incharge pasal field trip ni ex-MRSM Muar. So utk trip ke pasir gudang tuh, die plan nk stay kt sekolah tuh. Pastu timbul la plak idea bdk2 UTP yg cun n hensem2 ni jadik panel temuduga utk MOCK Interview kt sane. MOCK Interview ni kire event wajib la utk setiap MRSM, utk bg latihan kt students utk masuk temuduga nnt. Tp aku kt MRSM PC dulu xsempat berMOCK Interview, sbb ade halangan ape ntah.. biasela, PC.. haha.

Deal punye deal, yg program kt MRSM Muar jd, tp field trip sume kensel. Maka, aku bdk grup C memikul tanggungjawab utk menjayakan program ini. Bdk course laen turut diimport sbb x cukup org. Yela kan, sume org bz ngan macam2 event yg sedang dan bakal berlangsung ni. Dak2 cheme grup A n B sah2 xleh pegi sbb diorang ade lab. Yg grup C pon x sume pegi sbb bz ngan event laen. Well-rounded la katakan~

Maka pd 10 pg rabu itu, aku, wanie n kak su bergerak ke Maintenance, nk tunggu bus. Kul 11 dh gerak dah keluar UTP. Laju giler pakcik bus tuh drive, asek potong aje. Risau jgk aku, kang sedar2 dah kt spital. Tp seb bek la skill pakcik tuh hebat, n Allah masih sayangkan kami.. masih selamat hingga kini. Ade skali tuh mase kt selekoh, baru kuar highway mase tuh, bus tgh laju.. gilerr rase nk terbalik jek bus tuh.. seb bek umur panjang. ;)

Insan2 terpilih ini sungguh bernaseb baek sbb sepanjang 2 hari 30 n 31 july tuh xde klas. Kensel sbb lecturers ade hal. Khamis plak ari lab cheme sedunia tp grup C x stat lab lg. So kirenye, cuti2 M'sia la kt MRSM Muar. Vacation ke??? haha

Adess. Cam malas jek nk menaep..



Kt MRSM Muar kami diberi layanan yg agak keterlaluan bak kate ide, dalam kurungan (terlalu baek). Cikgu2 tuh sume baek2. Sungguh terharu ngan layanan yg keterlaluan itu. Feels like home (walaupon tido kt sick bay jek.. hihi).

Kebetulan ade konsert Hijjaz kt sane, sempena Minggu Aktiviti Sem 2. Sudah lame beta tidak merasakan kemeriahan Minggu Aktiviti. Ye kawan2 yg bkn dr MRSM, Minggu Aktiviti adalah wajib di setiap MRSM di seluruh M'sia. Setiap sem sekali. Tibe2 merindui kehidupan di MRSM, lagi2 bile dihidangkan makanan DS (dewan selera aka dewan makan). Cik Mizah, makanan kt DS tu bkn sedap sgt pon! bkn ke ko yg selalu membebel bile pegi DS? Takde selera la, x sedap la.. papelah. Ni pulak RINDU?? Sungguh ajaib!

MOCK Interview tuh berjalan lancar. Penat gak layan diorang ni, ade 2 sesi lak tuh. Total candidates: 17 orang. Actually, penat tanye soklan ngan tgk telatah diorang yg macam2. Ade yg sejuk tangan, cakap terketar-ketar, gelabah smacam jek.. haha. Agaknye aku mase intbiu dulu2 pon gini gak la keadaannye.. Tp ade gak 2-3 orang candidate yg sungguh impressive. Aku sgt kagum ngan mereka. Jauh panggang dari api jika dibandingkan dgn aku mase intbiu..

Aku si interviewer ini suke2 ati tanye soklan, pasal couple pon ade. Kaunselor, Puan Nasrin ade bg contoh2 soklan yg biasa ditanye mase intbiu, yg sume soklan tuh calon2 dh prepare awal2 lg.. it juz nk tgk diorang bole express x ape yg diorang dh prepare tuh. Aku saje jek nk tunjuk skill, tanye soklan yg xde dlm list yg kaunselor bg tuh. Gelabah diorang dibuatnye.. tersekat-sekat cari jawapan. pastuh saje wat muke boring. menguap sket2. haha.

Then lepas selesai MOCK Interview tuh kami dijamu dgn laksa johor. Bese2 jek, laksa lemak kt kelantan lg best. hihi. bergambar kenangan sket. Then balik ke sickbay, berkemas n mandi. Sungguh x selesa! Seharian berbaju kurung ditambah peluh dan penat. Eiii yekkkSSss!! haha. Then naek bus, bertolak blk ke UTP around kul 7 mlm. Pakcik tuh mmg suke drift la. Asek2 rase cam nk terbalik jek bus tuh. Dlm ati doa jela, mintak2 selamat smpai. Jgn la pulak bukak2 mata dh kt spital. Na'uzubillah.. n alhamdulillah, sume slamat.. smpai kul 1 pg kt UTP.

It was a nice trip even badan sgt penat. Berbakti utk nusa dan bangsa. dan ade input gak utk aku.. Tak rugi pape pon.

Friday: class as usual.

Saturday: pagi- jog kt tasek. then bg ikan makan. berebut-rebut mereka, nmpak sgt lapar. seronot tgk gelagat ikans tuh. hihi. Then blk singgah cafe V2, breakfast. Mkn bubur nasik. Boleh thn la tp aku hangen gak la, asek2 halia, asek2 bawang. kalo asek2 dpt ayam ke daging ke syiokkk jgk.

blk blk terus pengsankan diri. Walaupon kt luar ni gegak gempita ngan telatah DJ MMK. memekak jek!! tp nafsu tido sejak akhir2 ini mula menguasai mataku. haha. pape jelah, asal bahagia. ngeh3.

haa.. ni ade berita penting ni. Td, bgn jek dari tido, aku dikejutkan dgn 1 jemputan, dr cik keping n piQin. mereka mengajakku lunch bersama-sama. mmg la x pelek tp ni bkn as usual taw.. diorang masak~ hihi. sardin n sayur ape ntah namenye.. sedap. kalo aku sndiri yg masak xtaw la jd ape kekgi. haha. Syabass korang~ nnt i plak yg msk ok but don't put high expectation ok. sbb i ni kan x reti plus malas plak tuh. hik3

hmm after lunch bersama-sama mereka, aku basuh sume pinggan mangkuk. adil la kan. diorang dh masak, takkan aku nk mkn free gitu jek. dasar xtaw malu! haha. then pegi la melawat booths kt MMK (Minggu Mesra Kampus) tuh. beli brooch sket n sepasang earings bntuk star. sungguh comel. i like it. ;) kaler ijau, even aku bkn la suke sgt kaler ijau tp earings kaler ijau itu sungguh comel. so beli je la. 3 inggit jek sepasang.

Aku sndiri pon x fhm nape aku suke sgt membebel, merepek-repek kt sini. Sesape yg bace entry ni, saba je la ye. panjang giler entry ni, aku pon cam dh malas giler nk menaep nih.

Actually td g maen squasy. dlm kul 10.30 p.m lebeh2 sket kuar g sport complex. jalan kaki taw~ sungguh tabah kami ber3 ini - aku, aimi n keping. kebetulan court itu kosong sbb most student g symphony fest kt Chancellor Hall, layan performance kt sane. Kami bkn xnk sapot mereka tp kami juz nk jd sebahagian yg x berada di sana jek.. sbb kami nk berada di court squasy!! hehe. Balun pukul bola kecik kaler itam tu sesuke ati. Berpeluh-peluh: sungguh sihat. hihi. amat seronok~

Sementara masih belum stat lab n ditimbuni dgn esemens yg berlambak, adalah elok kiranya aku enjoy maen squash. kang bile dh bz xde masa plak utk dicuri.. bile blk kelantan nnt nk beli reket squash. Ni asek pinjam jek. Feel kureng sket. td dh gelabah dh, bola melantun kuar ikut tingkap kecik yg berisi kipas nun jauh di atas court tuh. seb bek jumpe blk bola tuh, kalo x kene ganti plak. kang kene pandang slek plak kt junior aku tuh. huhu

Latar masa peng-update-an blog ni adalah sebelum maen squasy n disambung selepas maen squasy. Ni pon belom mandi lg ni. Dh 2.25 am dh ni.. huhu

Ok3, aku dh bosan menaep. n u alllllsssssss surely dh bosan bace benda alah ni. i'll stop here then. Babai~ selamat malam penduduk bumi~~
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