Pakar Cantik: June 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Backup Plan

Selamat pagi!
Selamat hari Selasa, selamat hari-hari.
Selamat semuanya.

Tiba-tiba dah malas menaip.

Kerja pun malas. Tapi tetap datang kerja. Tetap buat kerja. Tetap siapkan kerja. Passion-lessly.

Aku semacam risau. Bukan risau semacam.

Aku macam risau. Macam je, bukan betul-betul risau pun.

Ahh apakah aku merapik ni?

I need a backup plan. At least one. Let's name it Plan B.

Ahh malas lah nak buat Plan B. Stick dengan Plan A je tak boleh ke?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's next?

Masalah datang lagi. Masalah tak pernah tak ada. Well, masalah tu kan penambah rasa. Takde masalah hidup bosan seperti juga takde perencah masakan rasa plain. I mean tawar.

I bosan. Tu masalah I. Tak besar mana pon. Tapi dari bosan itulah timbul baaaanyak masalah lain. Seperti malas. Kemudian hilang passion. Kemudian prestasi menurun. Kemudian kena bebel. Kemudian down. Kemudian makin malas. Kemudian mengharapkan ada orang masuk meminang lalu kawen sebab boleh bagi alasan untuk berhenti kerja. Kemudian tak tahu what's next.

So what's next?

Kan dah kata tak tahu..?

Kadang-kadang aku tak faham kenapa aku belajar engineering. Bukan nak jadi engineer pon dulu. Tak tahu pon kerja engineer tu macam mana. Well engineer kan tak femes, tak masuk TV. Asek-asek doktor atau polis atau cikgu atau peguam atau arkitek atau penyanyi dan pelakon yang masuk TV. Kenapa tak ada telenovela pasal engineer kat TV? Tolonglah buat satu, amek aku jadi pelakon. Nak jugak engineer merasa masuk TV. Huahuahua :P

I just don't like routine. Routine sucks, you know? Don't tell me you don't know, I've mentioned it in previous entry. Go read it! Haha :p

Today I'm not proud of myself. I won't blame the hormone. I cannot blame hormone forever; it's not fair. Aaarggghhh. Tolong lebihkan sabar boleh tak? Susah betul kalau kurang sabar. Benci betul kalau tak boleh kawal emosi sendiri.


So what's next?


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Friday, June 15, 2012

I don't wanna die young

I have a lot of beautiful things to do in life; not just sitting at my workstation designing this and that,checking every detail on drawings, compiling design calculation and doing other routines. No it's not that boring as it sound, sincerely typing. It just.. well, at one point I realize somehow this kind of routine kills me inside. Because of the datelines. Datelines suck you know? It sucks life. But don't worry I'm still alive, barely living :P

Job I love, just don't kill me. I don't wanna die young.

Need a run. Will do jogging tomorrow morning. Please wake up early.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Attachment failed

Blogged with attachment earlier but turned out an entry without the said picture. Trying to upload one more time but using different app. Hopefully this one will work.

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Hadiah Kawen

Hello readers! Long time no see. Miss writing soo much. Been bz been lazy. Was not so passionate lately; body's not that fit to endure the hecticness.

Sometimes I just amazed on how I managed to survive. Thank you Allah for giving me the strength to keep walking, allowing me to live another day. Even it's quite routine, I'm thankful for to be able to breath again. Alhamdulillah :)

Something not good happened to me and my dear housemates last week. Hopefully it'll be the first and last incident ever. It's sad to talk about what happened so I'll just skip to the next paragraph :p

Weddings are everywhere. Congratulations to all friends and family who get married recently. I'm sorry for not making the efforts to attend the weddings as I had another commitments. I wanted to go but I just can't. Sorryyyy. I wish you all the best in your new phase of life. Semoga berkekalan ke syurga. Amiin :)

Attached is a picture of my office mates wrapping wedding present for our colleague. Best kan kawen dapat hadiah dari department. Nak jugakkk! Hihi :p

Ok readers, it's time for me to step out. See you soon. Muahh!

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