Pakar Cantik: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Rindu moment ini
Teringin nak pakai jubah convo and repeat the whole 16th October all over again.
Or at least pinjam jubah convo junior dan tangkap gambar banyak-banyak.
Paling tak boleh pon tatap tenung gambar ni berulang kali setiap hari sebelum, semasa dan selepas buat kerja. Patutlah buat kerja selow semacam. Haha :p

Bak kata seseorang, perkara paling jauh adalah semalam. Bukan setakat semalam, sebentar tadi pun sudah cukup jauh.

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal :)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This view is taken from my desk in my former office. Can you spot the switches in this picture? If you can see, the left switch is for air-cond and the right switch is for lamp.

Why on earth these switches' location matter? Well, because I am a designer and I used to have this office as my workstation. It's kinda troublesome for me to switch on/off these switches every morning and evening. Not very practical for a lazy person like me :p

Lesson learned?
Well, designer don't simply design, there's reason behind every design we do. Some because of cost-saving, some because of project specification/requirement; above all, practicality. I guess I love my job designing so much :) :)

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Midnight Rambling(s)

Assalamualaikum w.r.t

Hi. Thanks for reading this, I appreciate your time :)

I'm not sleepy thanks to Neslo I had for dinner. Having caffein in my system is suicidal; just like a vampire walking under the sun OR a vampire and the vervain touch. If you're a fan of vampires, you'll know how the sun and vervain affect their life. Go watch the vampire diaries if you have no idea of what I'm rambling about :) The vampires are hot especially the hybrid; Klaus to be specific :p

Talking about suicidal does not mean I am literally dying. Well, I'm 'dying' to sleep because I have a bus to catch at 8 a.m tomorrow. Naah kidding :p I need to wake up early for morning prayer. Then off to work and repeat daily routines, as always.

Work seems to be not as interesting as before, when I was a fresh graduate. I was enthusiastic, passionate and obsessive with my job. Not anymore when extrinsic reward can no longer guarantee intrinsic reward. Tried very hard to maintain my inner satisfaction (as I have no power to control my salary). Somehow I think it's time for me to move forward. I mean, I wanna fly; with or without wings.

I hate sticking with those who not apreciate me. Like Ust. Rahim said; pinggan tak retak, nasi tak dingin. Kau tak hendak, aku lagi tak hengen. Read: If you don't want me, I don't want you too. Mak aih, direct translation :p

Thank you Allah for all the love. Thank you for everything. Alhamdulillah :)

I love my family. Tuhan tolong jagakan mereka, mereka hidupku.

Omai sudah pukul 2. Macam mana nak tidur with caffein in my system? Omaiii.

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